What I am reading… Gerard Manley Hopkins

Here, listen to the uncanny insight... 75 The times are nightfall, look, their light grows less; The times are winter, watch, a world undone: They waste, they wither worse; they as they run Or bring more or more blazon man's distress. And I not help. Nor word now of success: All is from wreck, here, … Continue reading What I am reading… Gerard Manley Hopkins

What I am reading… Solzhenitsyn on his limited experience

From a review of recent books on Solzhenitsyn come this brief account of the conservative Russian author's encounter with condescending and blinkered American liberalism: “leading television commentator lectured me that I presumed to judge the experience of the world from the viewpoint of my own limitedSoviet and prison-camp experience. Indeed, how true! Life and death, imprisonment … Continue reading What I am reading… Solzhenitsyn on his limited experience

The political ghosts of literature

I have been reading some fragments of Maurice Blanchot - The Madness of the Day, The Writing of Disaster, some of the essays assembled under the title of The Gaze of Orpheus - and trying to make sense of the discrepancies in his story, and how it has encountered my own. Certain phrases from Blanchot, … Continue reading The political ghosts of literature

Poem(s): To my errant mind

The following poem, "To my errant mind," was originally published in my collection, After the Pills, which you may purchase here or here. To my errant mind Your dreams grow like a twisted gum. Years were lost When the market crippled you. This dusty room is the archive Of your failed state. Now you forget little things – … Continue reading Poem(s): To my errant mind

A postscript on Utopia

Coincidentally - a word that tricks chance into being fate - I was reading this week Maria Popova's account of Wisława Szymborska's celebration of not knowing. Szymborska said, in her acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize, that it is from the humility of not knowing that inspiration comes - in any profession, not merely writing: "Inspiration … Continue reading A postscript on Utopia

Renovating the Burning Archive

I have spent the morning renovating the Burning Archive. A new theme changes the look and will feature more posts on the landing page so that you can sample more of my writing. I have also added several pages that gather together the main categories of my writing. My poetry collections features links to the … Continue reading Renovating the Burning Archive