Podcast series of Russian History begins with 65. Black Legend and 66. Gorbachev

I have released two new episodes of The Burning Archive podcast. Episode 65 The Black Legend of Russian History We cannot hope to find peace with Russia unless we seek to understand Russian history in all its complexity, its highs and lows, its tragedies and its farces, its inspirations and its horrors. To understand that... Continue Reading →

Two New Podcasts on Russia and Ukraine

Tonight I released my latest podcast, Please Don't Cancel Russia, episode 60. When in early 2022 Russia decided to invade Ukraine, the Western world especially the Anglo-American World went mad kind of mad - with anger, fury and some justified rage. But it also made a strange attempt not just to restore International Peace, but... Continue Reading →

Flowers of the Mind 22

The NATO-Russia War and the last phase of the 100 Years Cold War. Advice on staying sane in an information war, a Kulturkampf. The Great Separation in the Multipolar World. Folly and fraud in Melbourne. Lev Gumilev, and the traditions of Eurasia in Russian thought. Legutko on the demons of liberal democracy, the totalitarian temptation that is collapsing the buildings of the old world order.

Podcast #13 – Change everything but change itself

The latest episode of The Burning Archive Podcast is https://anchor.fm/jeff-rich4/embed/episodes/13-Change-everything-but-change-itself-e15tipu  and available on all the usual platforms, including Apple and Spotify. In this episode of the Burning Archive, Jeff Rich completes his 12 part thematic history of our times. Historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto writes about the impact of accelerating change on society over the last 50 years: “Under the... Continue Reading →

The World Island vs The Atlantic

This year, 2021, may be remembered as a pivot year in world history. Not because of the pandemic. Not only because of the protracted crisis of the American republic. But because of the changed balance of power in international relations brought about by the decrepitude of the American Atlanticist Alliance and the strengthening of the... Continue Reading →

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