How I wrote and published my book while working full-time

I have posted this evening on my podcast and on Youtube a special episode.

Here I talk openly for the first time about how I wrote my book, From the Burning Archive, which you can buy at the Amazon affiliate link or other online book retailers.

I talk about how I struggled to build my confidence as a writer in the now past era of gatekeeper publishers. The new era of ‘permission-less’ content creation has been good for me.

I also talk about how my former working life as a bureaucrat, subject to speech codes and cones of silence, stifled my voice.

I talk about a lot of the personal challenges of writing the book while working full-time.

And how I used multiple free platforms or software to produce the book – Office Libre, Canva. And how I used Ingram Spark to publish.

This book marks my transformation from frustrated, silenced bureaucrat to independent, content author and content creator.

I could not have written and published this book without the support and encouragement of the good readers of the Burning Archive blog. Thank you so much.

I think you will enjoy the podcast or Youtube video (audio plus a slide and a short intro by me in a cap next to the local lake). And you will enjoy the book – all the posts have been edited, rearranged and thematically organised. There is also a new essay by me at the start explaining the evolution of the Burning Archive, and the crucial role of this blog and its readers in my rebirth as an author.

You can buy the e-book here.

And please join my new free newsletter at

Thank you

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