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Renovating the Burning Archive

I have spent the morning renovating the Burning Archive.

A new theme changes the look and will feature more posts on the landing page so that you can sample more of my writing.

I have also added several pages that gather together the main categories of my writing.

My poetry collections features links to the sites where you can purchase my e-book of poetry, After the Pills, and links to all of my poems I have posted to the Burning Archive. I will also post here details of my other poetry collections that I will publish independently before too long.

On governing gathers together my writings on politics, government and the bureaucracy, including my series on “Thirteen ways of looking at a bureaucrat”.

The infinite conversation contains a brief expression of my approach to writing, and features some of my favourite writings on poets, authors, literature, culture and the traditions that I cherish and fear are disappearing from the world.

I hope you enjoy the link, and find it easier to browse some of the writing I have shared with the infinite conversation of the web over the years.



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