My poetry collections

I have published one collection of my poetry, After the Pills, that you may purchase here or here.

Before too long, I will publish three other collections, The Burning Archive, Dr Cogito’s Rebellion, and Meditations. I am currently sorting through the process of publishing both e-books and print-on-demand via Ingram Spark. I will let you know when that is done.

All of the poems I have published on The Burning Archive are here (some are posted alone, some embedded within longer musings):

Losing my direction

Snow falls on the suburban plain.

The tethered mind

Peaches in a bowl

Nouriel’s shoes

The state of politics

No markers

The poet in a time of terror

The burning archive


Dr Cogito regrets the futility of his existence

Dr Cogito brings his mind to heel

Dr Cogito’s Fall

Dr Cogito’s Rebellion

Improvisation on a train

An accidental tourist

Error is in control

Dream Life (also published in ars poetica IV May 1997)

Life expectancy


The Chinese Ancients

The book of my soul


The forest

The glass half full

Simple steps

Gould’s humming

Not getting things done (also published in Australian Poetry Journal (vol 5 issue 1, 2015)

The unwritten book

Monday morning


The monstrosity of power


Ode to another nightingale

The breath of life

Dream in terza rima


Late Winter Song

Commuter Train

Black Saturday

The mind

Winter Phrases

How to make a life

The State Historical Museum, Moscow

Travel Song

Spring in Lisbon


Two voices vie in my head

La noche oscura

The personal is poetical


An aubade

Curfew: Melbourne, 2020

The way out machine

Another generation passes me by



The mask

The prophet in a box

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