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My collected poems

I am very pleased to announced that I am publishing my collected poems, Gathering Flowers of the Mind: Collected Poems, 1996-2020 in both a print and e-book edition.

You can purchase through online retailers such as Amazon and Booktopia. You can buy the print edition from Amazon here and the e-book edition from Amazon here. Booktopia have print here and e-book here. Thanks to Ingram Spark for making this happen – the book is made available through their global distribution network and print-on-demand orders are possible.

In Gathering Flowers of the Mind, I have collected five fascicles of my poetry, collected over thirty years – Dreams before the PillsAfter the PillsThe Burning ArchiveDr Cogito’s Rebellion and Meditations. It expresses my variations on the multiple traditions – variously Wallace Stevens, Zbigniew Herbert and Japanese tanka – that I have reflected on in this blog.

Gathering Flowers of the Mind: Collected Poems, 1996-2020 includes revised editions of many of the poems I have published on this blog over the years. Thank you so much, my readers, browsers and followers for your support, encouragement and a thousand likes – they have given me the courage and the determination to see through to the end, on this frabjous day, the publication of this harvest of my full-ripened grain.

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