Flowers of the Mind 14

Journalists draft history? The public sphere, Habermas and the post-democratic society. Emmanuel Todd on the tasks ahead for advanced societies. History as a moral art that encounters the living past in an infinite conversation.

The post-democratic society is here

The post-democratic society has arrived. We need to turn away from the old priests and performers who are muttering grand concepts of democracy as a prelude to another circus performance in the decaying coliseum. We need to find our own new way in the feral cities of our distressed republics.

Six asides on the USA 2020 election

This long post contains my reflections on the election in America. There are six reflections: One. The folly of forecasts: my confession Two. The Presidency is determined not by broadcast anchors, but by Constitutional procedure Three. The pending legitimation crisis. Four. Our deformed, barren political society Five. The post-democratic society Six. Heaven is high and... Continue Reading →

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