Two new podcasts on the uses of history in government and decision-making

Episode 63 The Lessons of History – The Burning Archive podcast explores how the past is not dead, the past is not even past. But if that is so, what are the uses and lessons of history? How can history be used for guidance in our lives, and to advise governments on the big decisions that shape our fates. A recent Australian book, Lessons from History: Leading Historians Tackle Australia’s Greatest Challenges, eds, Holbrook, Megarrity and Lowe (NewSouth, 2022) explores this question. In this podcast Jeff Rich explores how the authors seek to cross the bridge between policy and history, and reflects upon how he has stood on that bridge in his career as a very minor government official.

Episode 64 Field Guide to History for Decision-Making – History can be an aid to making good decisions – in government, in any walk of life, in your personal life. History is not only useful for leaders of governments and professors. It helps us all make sense of the events around us, and free us from false narratives and misleading comparisons that we all fall prey to from time to time. History can even be an antidote to doom-scrolling. Find out how on this episode of the Burning Archive.

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