Podcast # 30 – Three Faiths. One Holy Land.

Podcast 30 of the Burning Archive discusses the claims of Judaism, Christianity and Islam on the State of Israel and the Universal City of Jerusalem. Listen at Spotify and Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.

Simon Sebag Montefiore writes: “Jerusalem, so loveable in many ways, so hate-filled in others, always bristling with the hallowed and the brash, the preposterously vulgar and the aesthetically exquisite, seems to live more intensely than anywhere else; everything stays the same yet nothing stays still. At dawn each day, the three shrines of the three faiths come to life in their own way.” But why – one Burning Archive listener, Josh, asks – do these three faiths all lay claim to the one Holy Land and the State of Israel?


  • Simon Sebag Montefiore, Jerusalem: the biography (2011, revised, updated edition)
  • Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Ideas that changed the world (2007)
  • Prayer clips – Islam, Christian (Orthodox), Jewish – from Youtube.
  • Image credit Western Wall of Jerusalem, early 1900s, from Jewish Virtual Library

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