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An open letter to America

To the citizens, office-holders and advocates of the United States of America,

Your republic is breaking.

Yet your empire holds on.

And the conceit of manifest destiny as the primal democracy, the greatest country on earth, and the envy of the world collapses.

Indeed, the stubborn protagonists of your empire – whether John Bolton or John Brennan – are breaking your republic. Endless wars and 800 military bases around the world have spawned a bloated political military and a sprawling intelligence community, who now have been exposed in multiple Inspector-General’s report as colluding in a coup against the democracy that empowers them.

Your elites – whether in Washington DC or Wall St or Hollywood – fail and never feel the consequence of failure. Washington’s political, legal, and media elites succumb to the absurd RussiaGate hoax, descending into a McCarthyist breakdown of basic principles of justice; but do they admit and apologise for their failure when the hoax is exposed? Corruption is exposed, and the corrupt are preemptively exonerated, and indeed the constitution of the republic abused during the impeachment curse to hide the corruption. The financial oligarchs fail, and are bailed out, at the expense of the deplorables they despise. While woke actors and starlets from Hollywood throw out smokescreens to hide their moral failures – whether it is turning a blind eye to sexual crimes or living in luxury while condemning the consumption habits of ordinary citizens as burning the world – and espouse sentimental Marxism that has no effect on their privilege. The journalists and commentators (recycled political hacks and members of the intelligence community) of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC collude in perpetrating a hoax, publish made-up stories as political hit-jobs, report fallacies without blushing, advocate elites deciding elections rather than voters, and then have the gall to call for censorship of real reporting. In summary, as Tucker Carlson has said, the incompetence of a ruling class has squandered the legacy of American greatness.

Yet you persist in the demented assertion of greatness, as if the American empire was represented by Joe Biden’s gerontocratic campaign for president. Your journals and think tanks say the USA cannot afford to relinquish its global hegemony. Your progressives screech with absurd fantasies about fighting Russia in Ukraine so that Russia does not invade the homeland, and define as an impeachable offence any questioning of the intelligence community’s assessment – even though the latter would make any reasonable person a traitor. Your President has made a movement and a foreign policy to make American great again. The rest of the world respects the restoration of pride among the ordinary people of the flyover states, but shudders at the prospect of this wounded giant stumbling and lashing out in pain.

The world sees this cancer in your divided government and this derangement in the American mind, and the world knows your rule is coming to an end. The world knows you are not who you pretend you are. The world knows you are no longer a beacon of democracy and freedom in the world. The world knows you are not the home of the brave and the land of the free. The world knows you are a decaying empire in disguise. The world knows you are not the indispensable nation.

It is time to wake up, America. It is time to shed your illusions. It is time to clean your own house. It is time to make America humble again.

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