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Here is a poem I wrote a couple of months ago amidst the endless stream of bad news we must face each and every day.


The talk today is of war and civil strife

Jacked cars and hijacked souls

Shootings, beheadings and preachers of hate

Two parties shouting across a beige panel

A drowned child sacrificed to fear and spite

Fissured identities, spelled out in letters

Too long and too changing.

Confuse the unmoored past.

Bombs that tear open concrete hearts

Of ancient cities we no longer know

Two men in windcheaters rape a babe

A grieving maddened child submits to death

In a SUV that is filmed on its way

To a scarred and deserted paradise

2 thoughts on “Lament”

  1. this raises so many topics of importance, & does so without taking any position, because it is obvious from the choice of topic for the poem the poet’s intention. one criticism, i would alter “hold fast the past” i don’t think it has a place, said in this way in a poem this strong, it is the only weakness.

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