Dear Readers

Dear Readers

Even though the archive is burning, I have nonetheless done some renovations of my blog to improve its appearance and its use.

I have updated my banner image with Turner’s painting of the fires that consumed the British Houses of Parliament in 1834.

I have updated my gravatar image.

I have provided more explanation of the meaning of the burning archive to me, on my permanent page, About The Burning Archive. This page also now includes one of my cycle of poems on the burning archive, and a link back to my foundation post in which I explained its connection to this image:

Coll IMJ, photo (c) IMJ
Coll IMJ, photo (c) IMJ

And I have added a page that features my personal selection of my best or most personally significant posts to date – the best of the Burning Archive. Here I have chosen ten posts that represent the range and development of this blog.

I will shortly update my about me page, so I can share with you a little more of my story.

A thank you to Maja at Business in Rhyme who gave me some great ideas to make this little blog a more beautiful thing. I hope you like it

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