Personal story

The start of a series of lists

Once a week on a Tuesday I will post a list, with Borges as more of an inspiration than the to do or to acquire list.

today’s list – the pleasures of long service leave

1. telling the busy and self-important that I will be away from their fuss for a long time

2. daytime talkback radio

3. spending 15 minutes in the library looking for a book I have not heard of

4. late breakfasts

5. reading in the quiet morning sun with no voices of duty in my head

6. the gabled house of poetry

7. being comfortable with perplexity, especially about the politics of other nations

8. visiting a near empty gym with no time pressure

9. making garlic bread for my son on his return from school

10. watching again, as if for the first time, the great art works of my youth (like Bladerunner or Boulez’s production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle)

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