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The book of my soul

Image source: Gitksan woman Shaman and Chief, Kispiox, British Columbia, 1909, by George Thornton Emmons Collection no. 131 (University of Washington Libraries) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Why do we write poetry? In a world of inexhaustible archives, where we are overwhelmed with voices, why would we ply our own into the unending and infinite conversation?… Continue reading The book of my soul

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On a requiem

Image Source: Requiem Kyrie Master Chart, from Vienna Review This morning I listened to an old CD recording I had of György Ligeti's Requiem, which transported me, with its mesmerising and floating clouds of sound, back to my love of avant-garde music. Ligeti was a Hungarian composer who fled the communist regime, and pursued his development… Continue reading On a requiem