Flowers of the Mind 6. Asvina (week 4) 2021

Glenn Greenwald, Havana Syndrome and Anglophone Russophobia. Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Berdyaev and the Free Academy of the Infinite Conversation. The return of history and the last democracy. Woke cults. Saint Thomas More and Thomas a Kempis. Elena Shvarts. Culaincourt and the retreat from Moscow.... and Afghanistan. Gideon Haigh, Melbourne lockdowns, wastelands, and the false freedom event.

Is America reliving the 1917 revolution – an American People’s Tragedy?

Over the last week I have been chilled by some resemblances between the current American political, social and cultural crisis and the great people's tragedy that unfolded in Russia in 1917. An intoxicated radicalism has taken hold in this ancient constitutional republic, and disordered its institutions of politics, culture, law and justice. A carnival of … Continue reading Is America reliving the 1917 revolution – an American People’s Tragedy?

Poem: The State Historical Museum, Moscow

On my trip to Moscow I visited the State Historical Museum in Moscow, housed in the Nikolaevsky Gate at the northern entrance to Red Square. Its collection and interpretation are still very much informed by the approach to the historical sciences of 20th century Russian Marxism. An audio-guide turns the mysteries of Russian history and … Continue reading Poem: The State Historical Museum, Moscow

The meaning of a coup

Barely a week ago Australia was gripped in political drama - a clumsily organised coup was unseating a Prime Minister. News stations had rolling 24/7 coverage of panels of journalists talking to unfolding events. Breathlessly they read out texts from conspirators on-air, while claiming no part in the fiasco that has become Australian politics.  There … Continue reading The meaning of a coup