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In geopolitics, BRICS is the ocean, and the USA is Canute

The tolling of the bell for the American dream of a single world order, made in its own image, however does not mean the story of an expanding BRICS is the rise of a new hegemon. The multipolar world is becoming less unruly, and more plural. But who is King Canute, resisting the tide of history?

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Landmarks of a changing world: 2023 BRICS Summit and India on the Moon

No doubt the big story of the multipolar world this week was the BRICS summit in Johannesburg. It even managed to feature the Indian space mission landing on the moon Narendra Modi was gracious enough to declare this an achievement of the plural world.

The Burning Archive Podcast

Exploring World History – Latest Burning Archive podcast

On the podcast this week I have released the second part of my conversation with Felipe Fernández-Armesto. In this podcast Felipe reflects on the multipolar world, China, India, Russia and the Hispanic History of America. We also have a remarkable conversation about the explorer, Magellan, and how explorers and exploration are the frontier of cross-cultural exchange. 


Mindful History Online Course Available Now

I have now released my full Mindful History course on my Learnworlds academy. I am offering a special introductory price. You will get three hours of video content and some great resources, including a simple five step process to apply history to decision making in your life.

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Day Four of 13 Days of Looking at a Bureaucrat: Governing the Drunken Commons

For 7 years between 2006 and 2013 I was directly responsible for alcohol and drug policy in Victoria (Australia). It is a contentious field, and it was a personally rewarding field. But it is a field in which many common problems of governing are revealed.

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Day Three of Thirteen Days of Looking at a Bureaucrat

The third chapter of Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bureaucrat is the title essay, 'Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bureaucrat'. It plays with Wallace Stevens' poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, and seeks to open up the reader's mind to the many unexpected, even poetic ways you can look at this plain, humble, even despised personality, the bureaucrat.

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Day Two of Thirteen Days of Looking at a Bureaucrat

The second chapter of Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bureaucrat is Silenced Voice of the Bureaucrat. The second way of looking a a bureaucrat is to see a subtle mind that has been gagged, and who, if that code of silence were released may have something interesting to say. In this chapter I have… Continue reading Day Two of Thirteen Days of Looking at a Bureaucrat

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NEW BOOK! Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bureaucrat

My new book, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bureaucrat, is now out! Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bureaucrat: Writing on Governing, is both memoir and essay collection. I think it breaks new ground because bureaucrats don't publish memoirs. It will change how you see government, politics, working life, and bureaucrats.

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Another Northern Atlantic Crusade for Democracy

On the podcast this week I gave a rapid fire history of the Altlantic, structured around seven key dates. These dates provide glimpses into the multipolar history of the Atlantic Ocean, and the chameleon-like character of the Atlantic idea, institutions, alliance and civilization. It tells the story of how NATO emerged from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

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All Russian Collapse Narratives Collapse in Time

Vladislav Zubok compared the Time of Troubles, Russia’s major civil war of the early 1600s, with the political situation in Russia today. It has the flaws of many historical articles penned this week. The mutiny fizzled so fast that the facts fell before the drafting was finished.