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Jon Fosse’s Slow Prose, 2023 Nobel Prize for Literature

The 2023 Nobel Prize for Literature is announced. Relive world literature’s night of nights with this edited live reaction to the announcement. It covers all the predictions, the actual announcement, and an emotional introduction to why you might want to read the works of this year’s winner. Whether you do not know who won, or do not know anything about who won, this podcast will offer you some insights, and even some inspiration.

If you are reading this blog I do not need to protect you from spoilers and you will know Jon Fosse won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2023.

He is a Norwegian writer who has worked across many forms.

His personal journey of recovery and reconciliation is quite inspiring.

You can read about him in an American magazine here. I read a brief excerpt from this profile in the podcast.

The official Nobel commendation awarded the prize to Fosse “for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable”. They provide full details on his life and works here

You can read the official material here and watch an interview with Anders Olsson, one of the Swedish Academy, this interview

I read a brief excerpt from his book, Septology that is available on all good online retail stores, even if not at my local library.

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