Chronicles of the Third World War?

Perhaps this blog might develop ino a chronicle of the third world war?

I watched a video discussion recently on the Duran channel between Alexander Mercouris and Gonzalo Lira. Lira is a Chilean-American journalist of sorts, a film maker with a varied career, who somehow managed to be living in Ukraine at the start of the war. He made a number of telling social media posts that exposed the true characteristics of the Kiev regime – ultra-nationalist brigades, brutal security services that kill opponents, and irresponsible decisions that endanger its own citizens. Lira then found himself detained by the security services of the Ukrainian Government. Many feared for his life. Some Western-sponsored journalists gloated about their role in his misfortune. But finally after a week or so of silence and speculation, Lira was released, and made his initial appearances on the admirable The Duran channel.

During one of these first appearances, Alexander Mercouris said he hoped against hope that the United States would not make escalatory decisions, such as sending troops into Ukraine or missiles at Moscow. Gonzalo Lira broke in and said I must disagree with you, my friend. World War Three has already begun, he said. It is here. We are living it now.

Did World War Three begin in February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, after months of declaring red lines for the West not to cross, and the United States of America brought down the “sanctions from hell” on the Putin regime?

There is a war across many states to shape the institutions of the multipolar world. The Atlantic elites have declared this war in the name of democracy, and with too little regard for the consequences for the citizens of the world. This conflict will last a long time, maybe five to ten years, unless, that is, there is a rapid collapse of political order in the United States of America. Currently this war is undertaken across all dimensions – military, economic, information/narrative and diplomacy. And the war is most intense on the economic front. But how long will the military proxy war and economic war continue, and will they broaden?

I hope not too long; but then I watch the American institutional elite discuss their approach to this war and these sanctions as in this video of the Hoover Institution, A Conversation about Russian Sanctions and the Future of Sanctions. The toxic mix of insularity, lack of strategic empathy, national megalomania and moral failure, as they rationalise theft, leaves me shocked and appalled. And it makes me think that the war will broaden into the Western Pacific within two years, and the ongoing miscalculations of the Americans will bring down their empire.

This blog might need to become a secret diary before too long. Until then I will keep a Chronicle of the World Crisis.

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