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Flowers of the Mind 23

A new iron curtain is falling across the “Western” or Anglo-American world. This time curtain is not being brought down by a reincarnated Russian empire. It is being brought down by a failing empire of lies, the media-theatre state of the Global American Empire, spiralling into a dynastic collapse. The new iron Curtain is enclosing the dying culture of the Anglo-American West in a darkness of its own making, For those of us who are enlightened more by Russian culture than Netflix culture, this new iron curtain is a domestic civil war against us. We are exiles, outcasts, domestic enemies. I will not stand alone in the darkness without a light. I will not be reft from what I lovest well.


I have begun a series of podcasts on the Ukraine Conflict and unfolding birth of the multipolar world. You may well want to check it out. I have been a little slack in updating my podcast and flowers of the mind pages. So for convenience here are links to the Spotify platform of these podcasts on the Ukraine conflict.

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My most recent episode – released late last night – does pick up an idea I have previously articulated on the blog, the idea of the Looming War of the American Succession. This is at the heart of the conflict we are seeing a contemporary version of dynastic collapse in America, the hegemon, and a struggle for the reordering of the institutions and systems of control in a new multipolar world.


Anatole Lieven, the brother of distinguished historian of Russia, Dominic, has commented on the morality of the calls for Ukraine to engage in a heroic, patisan resistance to the facts on the ground in the country they share with the Russian mir.

LIEVEN: If the Washington discourse is, you know, now about how we must change the regime in Russia and do our utmost to weaken the Russian state, you cannot do that and claim that you are actually acting in the interest of the Ukrainian people because you’re not. You are condemning them to an endless war for U.S. geopolitical purposes. There is nothing moral about that – nothing

Anatole Lieven

Please think about this if you tweet out calls to stand defenceless against superior force.


The former Indian diplomat, M.K. Bhadrakumar, who writes an excellent blog on international affairs, Indian Punchline, has influenced my view on AMerica being in the midst of a dynastic collapse in competence. He writes:

“Fundamentally, the problem today is that the American elite are delusional. While the rest of the world knows that in a multipolar world, the US’ capacity to force its will on other countries is inexorably in decline, the American elite shut their eyes to that reality. The present ridiculous situation happened only due to this arrogance and self-deception.   

The strategic defeat that Washington has suffered will dent the US prestige worldwide, weaken its transatlantic leadership, unravel its Indo-Pacific strategy and accelerate the drain of American influence in the 21st century. Biden presidency will carry this heavy cross.”

M.K. Bhadrakumar, Indian Punchline, “Zelensky Rubbishes Biden’s War on Russia

Image Credit – Deutche Welle Ukraine’s next President a laughing matter (back when they could tell the truth).

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