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Flowers of the Mind 10

In Robert Lowell’s poem “On George Santayana” I hear an epithet of myself: “still unbelieving, unconfessed, unreceived”.


This week I was moved by an article by a British doctor, Lucie Wilk, “Why have we doctors been silent?”. Dr Wilks identifies the dismay of many doctors who have been complicit, if in silence, in the terrible tyranny of Public Health Rulez, OK? that has prevailed for close to two years now. As people notice the mounting toll of disease, cost and misery created by decisions made in the name of, or under the cloak of, public health safety, there are two impulses abroad: scapegoat the dissenters, or acknowledge the failure. To acknowledge the failure is difficult because people with good intentions and bad ideas have created the greatest public policy disaster for decades. Indeed, it is difficult too since the generals of public health have betrayed the fundamental ethos of medicine, which is rightly concentrated on the treatment of individuals and not the rule of society. Our health tyrants should read the good Dr Wilks and the wise Dr Thomas Browne, and hang their heads in shame. Let us hope more doctors show her courage to stand with the millions in the street to end the psy-ops.

Meanwhile, an already struggling NHS has been damaged beyond repair by many of these policies. We are overwhelmed by the demand that we cannot meet, and the complexity of the crisis feels far beyond just one hospital Trust. The locus of responsibility to investigate remains above us and we wait for someone with more authority to come round and make sense of it.

And as we remain silent, the destruction continues.

Most of us went into medicine for the right reasons: to help the vulnerable, to reduce suffering. I know my colleagues are kind and well-intentioned and that their faith in our unelected public health policymakers is the result of a lifetime of conditioning. For those of us who have looked at the data and see the truth, I understand the fear: the risk of non-conformity is immense; careers, reputations and livelihoods are at stake. I recognise an even larger threat: a threat to our chosen profession, our life purpose, the possibility that we have been following a false god in our honest intentions to help the ill. We are at a difficult crossroads, but the choice for me is clear.

Although I am not on the front line in the ‘fight’ against coronavirus, and have had nothing to do with the vaccine campaign, I feel complicit in this public deception. I can no longer hide within a system that has proved itself to be weak-willed and unwilling to stand against the irrevocable erosion of inalienable human rights and freedoms in the name of public health safety. It is past the time for us to grow up, stand up and speak out.

Lucie Wilk, “Why have we doctors been silent? 2021


Alex Berenson says, on the inconvenient truth of the persistence of COVID virus and disease despite near universal vaccine coverage and extensive non-pharmaceutical interventions in some countries: “virus gonna virus”.


Three quotations from my weekly reading of J.B. Peterson’s rules for life (rule 5 this week) struck a chord with the moral dilemmas presented by the anti-democratic interventions on the pandemic introduced by so many governments across the world, which have carried us over the threshold of the post-democratic society.

Firstly, you must trust yourself to say no.

“it is time to meditate, consider, strategize, and place yourself in a position where you are capable of saying no…. if you decide to stand up and refuse a command, if you do something of which others disapprove but you firmly believe to be correct, you must be in a position to trust yourself.”

JB Peterson, Beyond Order

Secondly, you must remember that cowardice is contagious and, as so many events in history have shown, the tyrant’s friend.

“if you do not object when the transgressions against your conscience are minor, why presume that you will not fully participate when the transgressions get truly out of hand”.

JB Peterson, Beyond Order

Thirdly, you must pay attention to all those little compromises with living in truth brought on by the psychic contagion of today’s tyrannies that grow slowly and separate you from freedom.

“Tyrannies grow slowly, and asks us to retreat in comparatively tiny steps. But each retreat increases the possibility of the next retreat.”

JB Peterson, Beyond Order


The RussiaGate hoax was exposed yet again this week as an extraordinary scandal of the modern post-democratic theatre state, which is intertwined with manipulative political mercenaries, politicised bureaucracies and security/intelligence agencies, and a collaborator media. On the Megyn Kelly Show there was an extraordinary interview with Kash Patel on the Steele dossier and the role of party hacks, news hacks and spy hacks in promoting this farrago of lies, a twenty-first century Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But there is no apology from the mainstream media, not even our public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The collapse will come; the parallel polis will be built.


I learn that prophets were not predictors of the future but analysts of the present, and this meaning is revealed in the meaning in Greek of the source word, prophetia. It means “interpreting the will of Gods”. The post-democratic society is not a prediction, but a revelation of the present, which I bring from the desert.


This week too I have been, like Arjuna before the great battle, receiving the wisdom of Krishna in the great song at the crisis of the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita. These verses spoke of my spirit this week:

He whose undertakings are free from anxious desire and fanciful thought, whose work is made pure in the fire of wisdom: he is called wise by those who see.
In whatever work he does such a man in truth has peace: he expects nothing, he relies on nothing, and ever has fullness of joy.
He has no vain hopes, he is the master of his soul, he surrenders all he has, only his body works: he is free from sin.
He is glad with whatever the Gods give him, and he has risen beyond the two contraries here below; he is without jealousy, and in success or in failure he is one: his works bind him not.
He has attained liberation: he is free from all bonds, his mind has found peace in wisdom, and his work is a holy sacrifice. The work of such a man is pure.

There are Yogis whose sacrifice is an offering to the Gods: but others offer as sacrifice their own soul in the fire of the Gods.

Bhagavad Gita, 4: 19-23, 25.

Image credit: a yajna or sacrifice being performed, wikipedia

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