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Podcast #16 – Imperial Crisis in Afghanistan and the World Island, Part II

Is Eurasia rising after the fall of Kabul? The latest episode of The Burning Archive Podcast is out and available on all the usual platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

America’s capitulation in Afghanistan has provoked an humanitarian disaster, an imperial crisis, and a change in the balance of power between great states in Eurasia. The crisis is still unfolding but has revealed the growing connections and interests of the Eurasian states in a new world order, separate from Atlantic domination. This episode of The Burning Archive Podcast examines how Afghanistan’s neighbours and the great states of Eurasia are responding to the situation, and how it shows the Silk Roads are rising again.

Credits and material referred to during the show:

  • Peter Frankopan, Silk Roads: a new history of the world (2017)
  • I’ve been thinking with Peter Frankopan, ep 10 Afghanistan

Some other posts related to Afghanistan, imperial rivalry and the emergence of a multipolar world are:

I hope you enjoy this show. Let me know what you think about what it means for the history of our times – with comments here, via theburningarchive@gmail.com, or on twitter @ArchiveBurning.


Update 15 September 2021

Since releasing this podcast I have come across the following excellent article – from the cradle.com “If the Taliban plays smart, Afghanistan can transform West Asia’s Silk Road story on the potential development opportunities linked to Eurasian powers for Afghanistan.

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