The Looming War of the American Succession

In 1700 Charles II, King of Spain and Emperor presiding over a vast global empire, died without a child and without a clear successor. His death triggered a great war over geostrategic control of the possessions of the declining Spanish Empire by rival dynasties and rival great states. France and Spain were diminished, and the groundwork was laid for what turned out to be 300 years of Anglo-American ascendancy.

In 2020 Joe Biden was elected President of the United States of America, and began to indulge five decades of frustrated foreign policy schemes built on misunderstood security briefings. He was the perfect representative of an incompetent, self-deluded and corrupted elite. He initiated what he thought was a master stratagem in the Great Game of the Eurasian pivot area, replaying Brzezinski’s Soviet Afghan trap for China and Russia. But Jo and his think tank boys, Blinken and Sullivan, were no Nixon and Kissinger. The Iberian diplomat and writer on geopolitics, Bruno Maçães,  said of the performance:

I have never seen such a monumental display of incompetence by a Western democracy as the American evacuation from Afghanistan.

Bruno MAÇÃES, NEW Statesman, 27 August 2021

So, in 2021 the indispensable nation died without child or its esteemed mind or democracy. Its death triggered a great war for control of Eurasia, the oceans and the new spaces of information and culture. Mackinder plus Mahan plus McLuhan. So began the War of the American Succession.

Image source: First Foot Guards advance to attack Blenheim: Battle of Blenheim 2nd August 1704 in the War of the Spanish Succession,

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