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Podcast #14 – Afghanistan and the end of America’s 43 Year War

 I have released a special episode of The Burning Archive podcast on the situation in Afghanistan. It is available on all the usual platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

In this special episode, The Burning Archive makes some fast history, and reflects on the meaning of the capitulation of the American Empire in Afghanistan. There are eight quick takes – what do you think – let me know at @ArchiveBurning on twitter:the humanitarian crisis – is this Saigon 1974 or  Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947? the end not of a 20 year war but a 43 year American-Afghan Wars the unwinding of America’s geopolitical strategy and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s shame Military and strategic failure of the American Empire The weakness of the leadership class in America How will the Taliban and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan act? The shift to regional security – without America – in Eurasia Will America’s ultimate humiliation be that Afghanistan develops more successfully under this Eurasian wing?


  • Bruno Macaes on twitter at @MacaesBruno
  • The wonderful Kimiko Ishizaka and the Open Goldberg project, for the public domain recording of the Aria from J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations https://opengoldbergvariations.org/
  • Ezra Pound reading from Canto 81.

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