Burning Archive Podcast #7 – The ordinary virtues of governing well

I have posted episode 7 of The Burning Archive Podcast – the ordinary virtues of governing well. You can listen to this podcast on SpotifyApple and other platforms.

In this episode I discuss a possible antidote to political decay; building a strong culture rooted in the ordinary virtues of governing well. Based on traditions of virtue ethics scattered from Confucius (;Kǒng Fūzǐ) and Aristotle, to Alasdair McIntyre and Michael Ignatieff these virtues can help us all curb political decay. And I ask, is culture – and simple virtues like humility, talking to strangers and the life of the mind – the best defence against republics in distress?

The podcast features some audio from others including:

  • the wonderful Kimiko Ishizaka and the Open Goldberg project, for the public domain recording of the Aria from J.S.Bach’s Goldberg Variations https://opengoldbergvariations.org/

The podcast covers a lot of ground, including the work of Tzetvan Todorov (a French Bulgarian literary critic) which led me to the idea of ordinary virtues of governing well. Do please check out my podcast and if you find it interesting you might also like to read some of my other writings on this topic of building a culture of governing. I have written several posts on the topic over the years, such as:

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