Announcing my podcast, The Burning Archive

Dear readers – you may now become dear listeners.

Yes, I have started a podcast – The Burning Archive podcast.

You can listen at Spotify, and all the other podcast platforms, Apple, Google et etc.

The show is about all things history and culture. It takes to heart William Faulkner’s statement from Requiem for a Nun that

“The past is never dead. The past is not even past.”

There are two episodes up already on all the podcasting platforms
1. Introducing a sense of history
2. Empire in Denial

I will reflect in the podcast on many of the recurring themes of this blog – cultural decay, disorder in political institutions, social fragmentation, and the imperial rivalries of global history and the emerging multi-polar world.

I will reserve my poetry for another outlet – I am thinking of recording my readings of several poems and setting them to a video essay format for YouTube. But I might change my mind….

If you have enjoyed reading any of my posts here at The Burning Archive, please do check out my podcast, The Burning Archive – and give me any feedback.

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