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The year of fear: 2020 in review

The year of fear

2020 has been the year of the Great Fear. This Fear has locked us down in safety. This Fear has opened the gate to soft totalitarianism. This Fear has sabotaged the freedom, responsibility, associations and independent thought of hundreds of millions of citizens. This Fear has shed the aged liberal skin of the post-democratic reptile our elites have become.

The Great Fear has been more infectious than the novel coronavirus, SARS-COV-2. Yet no-one has calculated its R (reproduction) number. No statistician has modelled its consequences. No epidemiologist has rules of a new normal to dictate so we may stand up from our cowering corners. The Great Fear most likely has been more deadly than the virus – in suicides, substance abuse, mental illness, doctors visits avoided. It has inflicted more misery and more lonely deaths – terrified old people dying alone as rulers scream at their carers to stay away – because staying part keeps us together in power.

The Great Fear found other spectres than strands of RNA virus. Racism was one. Police violence another. Russian collusion. Trump’s “coup” against democracy. The power of the Four Olds. Thousands marched the streets to tear down their Fears. Thousands desecrated statues and relics of the past – from Robert E. Lee to Abraham Lincoln, even that former slave, soldier and war prisoner, Miguel de Cervantes – to calm their Fears. Some Red Guards even raised their fists in a power salute and shouted in the faces of innocent bystanders to share the cleansing Fears of 2020.

The Great Fear has been the crisis/opportunity for the svengalis of the Great Reset. All the humdrum local leaders of the world jumped on shouting at the dragon far beyond the city gates. They realised they could pose as heroes on the city walls, as long as the poor plebeians who sheltered in their quarters could never see the reality of the danger posed by the dragon. From the walls they and their media collaborators shouted every day about tests, cases and the horror stories from overseas, most often that calamity of the media’s construction, Trump’s America. The exceptional became normalised. Bizarre and rare complications were shouted from the rooftops. The true comparisons apparent if people opened their eyes were not made. And the Great Lies – this “unprecedented” event, this 100 year pandemic, this modern narcissistic version of the Black Death – laid the groundwork for the Little Dictators who want to remake the world by public health orders. Now Klaus Schwab and his globalist sycophants want to entrench their wealth and status as the Elect through the terrors of the Great Reset. Push this button to cede all control to experts.

As we stand on the cusp of 2021, the Great Fear has not yet receded. London is living in the new Puritanical Commonwealth of Lockdown. We are all told we must hide behind masks. Our tweets are censored. Our searches are watched. Our votes are miscounted. Our laws are twisted. Everyday at work the compliant tell me how strange it is that there are people out there who do not respect the rules; how grateful they are that the public comply with the rules; how terrified they are that we may not keep a record of zero cases. Fear looks like it will try to rule our lives again in 2021; and I can only embrace my fate and resist. To see through the lies of the Great Fear has been the greatest gift of 2020.

Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift

Dante, inferno

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