Poem: dream in terza rima

Over this weekend I have been preparing my poetry collections for publication. It is a satisfying practice to make these words of mine into an attractive and well presented book. I have been emulating as much as I can the styles of the old Faber and Faber collections, from which I learnt to be part of the literary culture which I seek to lovest well.

From my collection, After the Pills, here is one of my earlier poems, Dream in Terza Rima.

Dream in Terza Rima

he wants to say some things about dreams
some things that divide him in images
which play where he cannot act free

forlorn nights without dreams
where he marches lost troopers through the day
anticipating beheaded certainties

arrange and cut and then display
a writer is driven mad in his words
like dreams to condense and displace

he forgets the meanings of words
which have become not sounds but texts
which live now only through encyclopaedias

words stir rebels against life a pretext
to dream of derrida as the homeless one
and antonin making meaning a paranoia

you are divine unreadable or does he mean
incomprehensible that cannot be packaged
inside a page outside a session

Jeff Rich

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