The forest

This morning I have spent curating my collection of poems, The Burning Archive. From this collection, which I will either self-publish or submit to a small press, I have selected the following poem, The Forest to share on my blog today.


The forest

The child is lost in the forest.

She has taken the left path:

Lichen and lilting brooks drew her away.

She sits now disconsolate,

Her calls left alone.

The child begins to sing to the forest.

Her voice bows the trees:

Fairies carry her away to her home.

The trail of her new song

Pierces the sealed dark.

The father finds the child in the forest.

His hand embraces her fading voice:

His hold rescues her body and silences her dream.

She returns in his arms to their car.

But the song will never leave the forest.


Jeff Rich 2016

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