Poem: Gould’s humming

One of the most mesmerising artworks that I know of is Glenn Gould’s 1981 recording of the Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg variations. Close to the end of his life, wracked by pain, madness and addictions, Gould crouches over his keyboard and enacts a magical reworking of this masterpiece. He plays the variations at half the pace … Continue reading Poem: Gould’s humming

“Ich habe genung” (I have enough)

A change of scene: music. If I have an aim in life, it is to leave behind something of beauty, and this search for transcendence does not take a religious form. I have known it in music, literature, thought, certain psychological states. If I attain it I imagine myself singing Bach's Cantata "Ich habe genung" BWV 82. … Continue reading “Ich habe genung” (I have enough)