Flowers of the Mind 6. Asvina (week 4) 2021

Glenn Greenwald, Havana Syndrome and Anglophone Russophobia. Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Berdyaev and the Free Academy of the Infinite Conversation. The return of history and the last democracy. Woke cults. Saint Thomas More and Thomas a Kempis. Elena Shvarts. Culaincourt and the retreat from Moscow.... and Afghanistan. Gideon Haigh, Melbourne lockdowns, wastelands, and the false freedom event.

Podcast #19 – Vaclav Havel’s Letter to a Locked Down World

This episode of The Burning Archive podcast explores how Havel's writing, ideas and the model of his way of living in truth remains meaningful to us today. This episode sets out the main events of Havel's life and the ideas of his political essays. It looks in depth at the "Letter to Gustav Husak" (1975), and its uncanny evocation of aspects of our lives today in a locked down world.

Letter from Melbourne: mirror to the post-democratic world

Things are very serious here in Australia. There is a mental health crisis. We have endured a state of emergency since March 2020. Normal rules of government decision making have not applied. We have pursued a medical utopia of COVID Zero at stunning cost. It is really something that should never happen again, and hopefully, at the right time in the right way by the right people, will be deeply investigated and reflected on.

Poem: Curfew, Melbourne 2020

Curfew, Melbourne 2020 Unimaginable city, locked down in its dark tomb,Its streets masked for an uncommon cold. Now all movement and strangeness stopped at 8 pm.Some turn in in fear; we turn inward in defiance. We will not be interred within five kilometres of home,Not by the impatient doctors and erring statisticians Who mutter the... Continue Reading →

Public Health Rulez, OK?

The psychology of power is enigmatic and poisonous, and it infects more than just the ruthless and the mercenary. Principled men and women of medicine succumb, even at their moment of apparent triumph, when a whole society kneels in submission before their authority in the hope of a cure or more miraculously yet, a vaccine... Continue Reading →

Poem: Lockdown

Lockdown If you can tell lies, you must stay home.If you can live your life, you must stop now.If you want to free your heart, you must lock down.And if you lock down, the mad doctors will not let you out. If you can model numbers, you must derange hopeIf you can wash your hands,... Continue Reading →

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