The impeachment curse

The final forced impeachment of Donald Trump has ended in the result that should never happen in a show trial. The sacrificial victim of the authorities' spite was acquitted. Jonathan Turley is a reasoned and moderate legal scholar who writes widely on constitutional issues in the United States of America. He has yet to post … Continue reading The impeachment curse

Three Lessons of Impeachment

Somewhat to my surprise, I have been engrossed over the last few months by the impeachment of President Trump, and its entanglement with the corrosion of the political institutions and with the retrenchment of the American Empire. It has been something of a rabbit hole of discovery, not just about American politics, which I have … Continue reading Three Lessons of Impeachment

The impeachment of the republic

Over the last week or so amidst some illness, which led me to convalesce in bed for four days, listening to podcasts and watching youtube, and some insomnia, which led me to wake anywhere between two and six am, I have tuned into many hours of the impeachment hearings being conducted in Washington. There appears … Continue reading The impeachment of the republic