The condescension of posterity

Frank Furedi has proposed an intriguing idea that the spectre haunting radical identity politics, the Rainbow Guards of our raging Cultural Revolution, is a difficulty with borders. The boundaries between nations, genders, the public/private, and key characteritics of populations are being torn down, and being replaced by a convenient chaos of fluidity and the new … Continue reading The condescension of posterity

Could the culture wars descend into civil wars?

Over at the online magazine Quilette, a Shakespeare scholar at a minor English university, Neerna Parvini, commenting on the Brett Kavanaugh appointment hearing, that turmoil of identity politics fuelled by partisan cynicism, raised a very dire prospect. "If I was being pessimistic, Iā€™d say it was a moment in which the left chose a nuclear … Continue reading Could the culture wars descend into civil wars?