Podcast – The Burning Archive

In April 2021 I launched a podcast of The Burning Archive on Anchor. Thanks Anchor! Thanks Spotify!

The Burning Archive

The Burning Archive is about all things history and culture, and talks about how the past is not dead – the past is not even past (Credit: William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun).

You can listen to The Burning Archive podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Radio Public and Pocket Casts.

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The Burning Archive podcast is also on twitter (regrettably, at least for now) at @ArchiveBurning.

Episode 1 (14 April 2021) Introducing a sense of history

In this first episode of The Burning Archive podcast, historian, writer and failed bureaucrat, Dr Jeff Rich, talks about why it is important to have a sense of history to live well in the present, and some of the big history trends shaping our lives today.

Episode 2 (23 April 2021) Empire in Denial

In this second episode of The Burning Archive podcast, Dr Jeff Rich talks about how the United States of America is an empire in denial, and how we can respond in our daily lives to the emperor high in heaven – at least those of us in the faraway provinces.

Episode 3 (4 May 2021) Empire in Denial

In the third episode of The Burning Archive podcast I ask, if America is an empire in denial, could it also be an empire in decline? In this episode of The Burning Archive podcast, Jeff Rich discusses the stories we tell about the rise and fall of empires, how America is in decline, and what that means for the rest of the world. Could a new multipolar and culturally vibrant world emerge in the outer provinces of the American empire in ruins?

Episode 4 (17 May 2021) Great State Rising

In episode 4 of the Burning Archive Podcast, Jeff Rich asks if America is an empire in decline, then is China the empire or Great State on the rise? And if so, does that mean we are condemned to war between China and America or is a peaceful multipolar world possible after the American empire crumbles?