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Welcome to my burning archive, the website of Jeff Rich, writer and course creator.

My first Government Writer Masterclass is launching in November 2023. In 33 years as a government writer, I wrote everything a government official could write. I distilled it all into a tailored method for government writers.  You can learn it in an online masterclass that will take your writing to the next level.

In my 33 years in government, I learned a lot about world history, and how the world is changing. In 2024 I will release an online course that helps people who follow world news to respond mindfully to the events of today with the benefit of some quality world history. For now, join me at Substack (see below) if you want to find out more.

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During 2023 I have had several articles published at Australia’s leading online public policy journal, John Menadue’s Pearl’s and Irritations.


I tell stories about the history, culture and geopolitics of the multipolar world on my podcast (on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or other platforms) and YouTube channel. Since 2021, I have spoken about everything from Beowulf, the Vikings, some favourite poets to the wars in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Gaza. I have talked about the history of Russia and the history of civilizations, I have interviewed historians, including one of the world’s leading historians of the world, Felipe Fernández-Armesto. I have also given tips on the best history books to make sense of geopolitics.

My aim is to help my readers, listeners and viewers to see the world more clearly with some quality world history, tempered by my real life experience as a long-term, but very minor government official.

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In my roles as a lawyer and public governance expert I worked with Jeff for 2 years on a significant report on Victoria’s ART/IVF laws and policies (“The Gorton Review”) Jeff led the team of the Review and oversaw the  research, writing and presentation of our Report. It was important that the Report and its recommendations resonated with government, the industry and the public. Jeff was a major contributor to the Report and its presentation. As a result significant changes were made by the Victorian government to IVF legislation and policy for the benefit of families and others involved in this significant area of health and service delivery.

Michael W Gorton AM, Principal, Russel Kennedy Lawyers; Chair, Alfred Health

Michael Gorton

“I worked closely with Jeff Rich over a number of years and found he possessed great skill in expressing concepts clearly and in a way which built support for them amongst stakeholders.”


Terry Moran

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