Online Course

Government Writer Masterclass

From 27 November 2023

In this small group program, I’ll help you as a government writer to master the essentials to take your writing to the next level of impact.
Go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ in 12 weeks.

Imagine how it would feel:

  • to have writing advice that is tried, tested and tailored to you.
  • to use a professional process that delivers results reliably every time.
  • to write with style, confidence and the inner calm of true mastery.

All of this is possible as a government professional who writes, even if you juggle many other roles. Let me show you how.

What You’ll Learn:

– Principles – the right mindset
– Process – simple, reliable, proven
– Profession – skills for government

Jeff Rich

I am Jeff Rich, your new writing mentor. From 1990 to 2022 I worked in the Victorian Government, and wrote everything a government official could write.

When I left government in late 2022, I realised how proud I was of the way I wrote. Now I teach my methods in an online masterclass.