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Six top history books in search of an invitation

Are you looking for a new, readable, intriguing history book to read? I introduce you to a shortlist of 6 top history books from 2023 in the latest episode (122) of The Burning Archive podcast. All 6 books come from the shortlist for the 2023 Wolfson History Prize, Britain and the UK’s most prestigious history book prize.

You can read more about all six books at https://www.wolfsonhistoryprize.org.uk/

I also invite you to help me shape my idea for an online history reading club, where you can learn and read with me. Would you like to see the world more clearly with some quality world history. Let’s talk. Listen to my podcast, and follow the instructions.

You can also respond to the question and the poll I have included in the podcast. Here is a variation on the

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